Beautiful Craftsmanship

Because we share your enthusiasm for antique and classic automobiles, we use a combination of high-quality materials, the latest technology, and traditional hand-craftsmanship to provide you with the finest replacement plastic parts available. Here are some features that you can expect from all of our products:
  1. All steering wheels and knobs are recast using color-through urethane, eliminating the need for paint. Although this method requires additional time and care, the result is unmatched resistance to wear.

  2. After removal from the mold, we take the time to carefully hand sand the piece in preparation for final buffing.

  3. We use a 3-step buffing process to obtain a hand-polished glass-like finish; therefore, no clear coat is required to achieve our signature high gloss.

  4. Custom opaque color, clear, tinted-clear, marble, and wood-grain styles are available for wheels and knobs.

  5. Our steering wheels are warranted for 10 years against cracks and yellowing.


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